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Creative Direction

Timeless Hollywood

When we were approached about branding for The Benjamin Hollywood, a new restaurant from Ben Shenassafar (aka Ben Hundreds) and Kate Burr, we all quickly coalesced around one word: timeless. The restaurant is an homage to classic American haunts around the country, intended to feel like it’s always been there and will always be there. That intention comes with a certain level of responsibility in executing the creative direction. Most importantly, we wanted people to feel welcome, at home, at ease. Like they’ve been there a million times.

The result of our efforts is a stunning, dynamic visual identity with a set of core elements that are classic enough to stand all tests of time. Led by a strong deco-inspired wordmark that’s paired with a 30s Hollywood-approved script, a letter B logomark made to be stretched, clean and crisp design layouts and a mix of beautiful illustrations in both watercolor and pen.

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