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Sourced entirely from certified sustainable vineyards, Supa Dupa is a series of three wines from Northern California. The first to be produced is a classic expression of California Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley, and will soon be joined by a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay. All part of the same family, all approachable and down for a good time.

Project Scope:

Packaging Design

Naming & Packaging Design

Occasionally a project comes along where we get to have all the fun. Supa Dupa was one of them. Tasked with naming and packaging design, we focused on the all-too-often disconnect between pricing and artwork. Why so fancy if you’re on the center table? Have some fun, be different. After all, these are the wines that are most frequently purchased on a whim, by a customer looking for a bottle that matches their mood. Enter: Supa Dupa, the Tuesday movie night or Saturday dinner, happy-go-lucky, confident and delicious bottle everyone wants.

When it was time to start design, we knew we had a star of the show in such a flamboyant name. To ensure it was center stage and to keep things from going off the rails, we set out to create a label that stood out on a shelf while not overwhelming with artistry.  The outcome is a poppy, clean and minimal design with large modern type. The label is intended to be replicable for a range of varietals using a consistent 4-color palette. 

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